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What is LearnEmail?
LearnEmail is an inclusive online email marketing community dedicated to helping small businesses and women succeed with their Email Marketing.
Why should I join LearnEmail?
It's time for you to become part of our awesome community full of email marketing experts and hustling entrepreneurs! If you're passionate about email marketing and want to grow your business alongside others, you've come to the right place. Our members consistently get higher opens, clicks and sales through email marketing. Join us today to upgrade your email marketing program!
What do I get from joining?
All members get exclusive access to top rated email experts who will give you in-depth answers to all your questions. You'll also get discounts on courses, events and be able to screen-share on our monthly group calls with Jesse Hernandez, the CEO of
How much does LearnEmail cost?
$9.99 monthly or save 17% with our annual plan for $99.99!
What opportunities do members have to promote their business within the community?
All members can follow each other and personalize their own profile with a background image, profile picture, introduction paragraph, company name and URL, social links, and biography.

We also pick one member every month at random to feature to the group. We post about their company and display their logo on the desktop navigation bar for the month!
What do I get for referring my friends to grow the community?
🌟Gold Members get a FREE Email Deliverability Audit from our CEO and Founder, Jesse Hernandez.

How do you become a Gold Member?
⭐️Just by referring others that would love our community!

*Please use your referral link to earn badge*
How can I join the LearnEmail Community?
Click Join Now ↑ in the navigation bar to join our email marketing community!
How can I connect with LearnEmail on social media?
Connect with us on these platforms!