Email Marketing Expo 2021 – Recordings & Digital Gift Bag

Email Marketing Expo 2021 – Recordings & Digital Gift Bag


Couldn’t make it to our 2021 Email Marketing Expo?

Don’t worry! If you are focused on growing your business with email we’ve got you covered!


Get access to the Email Marketing Expo

2021 Recordings & Digital Gift Bag items


Do you want to learn how to increase your email marketing revenue?

The Email Marketing Virtual Expo 2021 was created to help you learn all about email marketing so that your business can maximize your revenue from email.

Our email marketing experts have provided actionable advice on how YOU can be successful with their email marketing strategies.

They have shared years of knowledge and tactics across a variety of Email Marketing topics which include:

  • Email Automations
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce Campaigns and Execution
  • Email Deliverability
  • Email Performance & Conversions

You will get full access to all of our Speaker’s recordings which include:

  • Email Deliverability Simplified by Jesse Hernandez
    • Learn the fundamentals of Email Deliverability with the WARP method which includes Workflow, Authentication, Reputation and Performance. The entire presentation consists of interactive AMP emails to showcase their functionality and make the content more engaging.
  • Ecommerce Strategy, Campaigns & Execution by Chase Dimond
    • Chase’s talk includes:
      • His Email Bible
      • Email Types & Ideal Customers
      • Core Flows + Examples
      • Campaigns + Examples
      • Email Deliverability
      • An Advanced Email Tactics + Example
      • 2021 Email Hack
      • The Future of Email
  • Email Marketing Automation Mastery by Joe Kerns
    • Learn how to create amazing autopilot marketing systems that build relationships and generate revenue.
  • The Copywriting Strategy That Drives Sales From ANY List by Daniel Deyette
    • Daniel share’s the exact strategies he uses when working with his Email Marketing clients. His consulting clients have paid $200-500/hr for these tactics.
  • 3 Steps to Your Highest Open Rates, Clicks, & Sales by Troy Ericson


The Email Marketing Expo 2021 Gift Bag includes:

email conference

  • 3 Months of free access to
  • A PDF of Daniel Deyette’s Presentation
  • The 6 Core Numbers of Email by Daniel Deyette
    • Learn the 6 core metrics that should be tracked for maximum email profits and deliverability.
  • The Core Elements of a “No Fail” offer by Daniel Deyette
    • Learn how to create offers that convert even if you can’t write copy.
    • Get $400 OFF the Ecommerce Email Copywriting course.
  • Email Deliverability Guide by Daniel Deyette
    • Learn the fundamentals of Email Deliverability and how to reach the inbox.
  • The SBSL Sequence by Daniel Deyette
    • Learn how to implement the Short Burst Salesletter Sequence into your Email Strategy.
  • Email FAQ Answers by Troy Ericson
    • The answer to every question you have about email, summarized in 1 document. This has led me to generate over $11MM in new revenue for my clients in the last 2 years. And it’s yours for free.
  • The Essential Email Automation Map by Joe Kerns
    • How to get started with planning an exceptional customer journey that builds relationships, grows your revenue, and turns your email list into the most important asset in your business.

Learn from the creators of:

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